Desert Safari Dubai


Among enormous fascinating activities, loads of safari tours, Dubai desert safari is still most awarded outdoor activity in all over the world. It attracts both tourist and Emiratis towards desert to explore natural beauty that Dubai kept beside its man made wonders.

Dubai is a synonym of metropolitan and synthetic beauty which consider as a paradise of visitors who attracts towards outdoor activities such as desert safari, ski boarding, sand boarding and most nominating Dune Basing.

Desert Safari Activities

Safaris Dubai Desert is number 1 tourist operating desert safari service that targets only luxury services for guest to give them VIP traits. We order every activity in a series to gives you a proper influence of desert safari Dubai.

Your off-road trip begins from doorstep. Our experienced driver will directly lead you at Dubai desert from pickup place where you can capture the moments under sun dropping. Let’s make your memories here till next holidays. Your desert safari includes camel riding, dune bashing and many exciting activities that words can’t describe. So avail our exclusive safaris today ranging from morning desert safari, evening desert safari and overnight desert safari.

Sand Boarding and Quad biking

Sand boarding is similar to snowboarding. But here, you have sand to slide your board instead of snow covered mountain. Sand boarding can ride you across up and down on golden dunes. As it is quite difficult to snowboarding so we have instructor to build your confidence enough to ride on snow.

For adventure of quad biking we use specialized ATVs to explore Arabian Desert. Quad bike is an optional ride of morning desert safari.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing consider a blockbuster ride of desert  safari Dubai and when you experience it with Safaris Dubai Desert it become knockout adventure of Dubai desert. So strap your seatbelt and buck up to roll yourself  with 4×4 range rover and get ready for dune bashing buzz.

Dune bashing is an off-road activity where 4×4 off-road vehicle is used to drive around golden dunes of sands. Usually land cruiser or range rover use for this activity with safety roll cage to prevent from accident and danger. We exclusively use SUV to maintain tire pressure over sand dunes.

Camel Safari

Let’s back your step in ancient time and experience thrilling camel riding with splendid desert safari Dubai.

Camel riding in open desert is one the best experience that you had never experience before. Trek a camel over sand dunes and spend your day in Bedouin way.

Evening Desert safari Dubai Offers

Dubai desert safari is a union of both modern and ancient culture where you experience modern lifestyle of Dubai in ancient way by spending a day in Bedouin camp which is lighting up with traditional lamps. Here you’ll serve with variety of cuisine including soup, appetizer and freshly cooked veg and non-veg food.

While enjoying delicious buffet dinner, you will enrich with a performance of incredible belly dancer and other live shows. Beautiful henna painters available at desert to décor your hands. So grab our best desert safari deals to experience royal retreat in traditional way.

Morning Desert Safari Highlights

Good morning! Let’s find yourself at vintage morning desert safari and enrich your day with morning freshness. Thrilling rides are ready to drop your jaw with adrenaline rushing activities. So let’s take adventure of dune bashing and other exciting activities such as camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking.

Dune Bashing And Wildlife safari

Safaris Dubai Desert consider as a synonym of quality and perfection.

To provide you a best quality morning desert safari, we assembled dune bashing and wildlife safari together. Let’s buckle up your seatbelt and ready to roll on with a thrill of Dune bashing adventure.

Vehicles that we used for dune bashing is carefully hooked up with safety harness to provide you a safety assurance.